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2010-05-10 23:42:57
Good job

Thanks for Shibuya EAST today.

I was able to see many faces and I was able to burn it into my memory and I did my best.
Time was short, so, rolling, I tried to fix my eyes on everyone.

The end of this month also at Shibuya AX is TRIVAL ARIVAL, so let's meet again.

Oh, before that, there is an in-store in the metropolitan area.
Next time, at the talk, let's speak in a laid-back style.

When we left EAST, I discovered an ikemen.

Ah! Dazzling!

Oh no, it was the customary vistlip's Tohya-san.


For always healing me, thank you very much.

Well then, with that feeling ((I'm off)).

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2010-05-04 21:55:25
The temperature is good.


Work is over.

Good work today, konabe1(*´_`)

Work finished, so I ate dinner with Tomo and Tohyaー.

By the way, the picture is from when I had yakiniku with Tomo-chan some time ago.

I think I'll go home.


P.S. I was forced to bump into Yukke-san2

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2010-04-27 22:58:17
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Tohya-kun


With the greatly popular Tohya-kun!

It seems this pose is...

An interesting and quite profound relationship!

He's older but we've connected and become friends★

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2010-04-22 15:34:23

Today in Sapporo I discovered the number one ikemen. He was sent from the producing area ((last live venue)) by direct delivery.

An ikemen...
Obviously it's vistlip's Tohya-san.


It seems he got a Pokemon wallet.

Today before we return to Tokyo, we have our last live.

Deciding with a sudden impact, I'll return home.
Best regards.

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2010-04-21 09:48:13


Sendai has good weather

Today is warm!!

From the bath, "Ah," like that it's Tohya's voice...

Perhaps the shower is hot, I'm thinking

It's like "Ah, hot"?

The hotel shower's temperature control is difficult, you know

Next is Sapporo

I'm waiting, okay

Today as well, with a smiling face I'll be able to happily pass the day


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2010-04-20 19:04:04
Ikemen discovery


At Sendai I discovered a super-ikemen. sooner than thinking that, it was vistlip's Tohya-san!
Today he also sparkled1, so I was allowed to take a picture together with him.
Tomo-kun, who painted his nails green, also got to enter the picture.


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2010-04-17 13:56:25
Nagano, thanks for your hard work

Thanks for your hard work yesterday.

It was really difficult, but I left and burned everyone's faces into my memory.
So let's meet again.

Thank you.

Already Niigata JUNK((Box)) rehearsal is finishing but..

then at Nagano I discovered the number one ikemen.


Ah! It was vistlip's Tohya-san!
As I thought, in Nagano as well, there are ikemen.

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2010-04-17 03:24:55


vistlip's Tohya-kun and scissors.0

Occasionally, except with Ruisu, I tried having an affair.1

Well, but it's true that the vistlip members as individual people are most interesting.

With his usually smiling face, he's truly a healing-type. ((he = Tohya)


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2010-04-15 14:38:30
Kanazawa's ikemen1


Discovery of Kanazawa's number one ikemen.

Ah! It's vistlip's Tohya-san.

I'm sorry for intruding in the middle of work.


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2010-04-14 11:19:39
Thanks Fukuoka

Yesterday good job at LOGOS.

It was a reaーlly hot stage but, everyone how was it?
It went soulfully.

We'll come to Hakata again for an instore event on 4/30 and a live on 5/1.
Please take care of us again.

Yesterday in the dressing room, I discovered a dazzling ikemen.1

Oh? I'm having a recollection.
with vistlip's Tohya-san.


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2009-07-12 21:17:56

Takasaki, thanks for your hard work!!

It was our first time, but everyone was so excited that I was happy(*´_`)

Because everyone was kinーd.

Today did everyone appear to be perfectly energetic(´_`)? lol

Today Tohya participated in telephoning and faxing again.
Soon it will feel close to habit.

I'm loーnely. There have been many people sending fanmails and petit mails saying things like this.

Ah. A two-shot with Haku-sama is uploaded at Poke Shock's blog, so go look okaーy.

Buiーn yanmaー!!

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