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I was going to go attack my Manabu and Byou backlogs, but when you see a subject like this, it demands attention. Especially when it's only two words. XD

2010-06-04 01:35:56

Happy birthdaーy

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2010-05-31 20:20:19
Tribal Arrival

Today I got to laugh at Reno

I laughed until I cried

Getting to do this for the first time in a while, I felt like my shoulders lost strength and thanks to you ((Reno)), tomorrow my abdominal muscles will probably be sore

And then yesterday

Yesterday I stood onstage with many senpai, so I was happy

During that, Aoi-san performed as a surprise, and I was rooted to the spot on stage

Doing the live in Tokyo, it somehow felt like it had been a while?

I don't really understand why, but I have one thing I understood yesterday

The kind of assembly hall was spacious and warm, and I felt like you were close

I realized you were facing straight ahead and with what seemed to be enjoyment, in my innermost thoughts, my tension rose

Although Tribal happened, that connection disappeared

Yesterday until our turn ((to perform)) I was able to speak with many senpai, and the time instantly passed, so one day went by quickly

You are fans of the senpai who think of their kouhai

I'm not able to express how amazing ((they are)) in words

After this, because we'll send our feelings out with the best music, steadily react to it

To you whom I love

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2010-05-22 23:36:21

I talked about taking a two-person photo with Reno today, but

A picture from some time ago is a picture from working today

Reno being gachigire is a joke (laugh)

But because all of you look ((at this blog)) and I get to hear your impressions like this and how you didn't think ((Reno was gachigire)), I was really happy

I love you who are always letting me hear your feelings1

Fucking idiots


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2010-05-22 20:07:08

Yesterday, good job at Sendai

During the day, I was able to eat beef tongue and I think that area was not reluctant, but...

In July we'll absolutely have revenge

Yesterday, we had no choice except yesterday, and the people that we were yesterday were that kind of people, because we had no choice ((but to be like that)), so it was regrettable, and I thought the musical performance that I wanted to express ((was not there))

With that, yesterday SHOXX went on sale, but did you properly look?

Those who haven't looked yet, because Reno is gachigire, be careful

Gachigire Reno

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There were only a handful of these, so I might translate them. But this is the important one.

2010-05-17 00:04:26
Q: I want to try seeing IV-kun's naked upper body!

A: That feels like it's not a question( ̄□ ̄;) Moreover, that is John Reno's job ( ̄□ ̄;)

Next tiーme(☆。☆)It's a pledge

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2010-04-28 11:26:30


Yesterday was beyond crazy, so I was surprised

Well, if people are tired, I don't know what they think about, but it became something I want to say

But, however, even today, because it was early in the morning, it's really coming

Because of Reno's phone waking up, I immediately woke up

You guys must also think it, but if I have the chance, I'll wake him up

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2010-04-24 16:06:54

Our business meeting is done, so I'm eating dinner with Reno

It was delicious!
With everyone's encouraging mail, I'm became energetic, so I'll be able to do my best

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2010-04-22 04:58:35


After last evening passed, I randomly fell asleep

I didn't even eat anything

Now I woke up

Next to me, Reno is fast asleep

After this, what should I do?

After taking a bath, I'll think about it

Yeah, I'll take a walk

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Lol, Jin, let's get more creative than place names. You're going to run out of kanji soon to add onto this. Wait, better idea, STOP SPAMMING. Break his cell phone

2010-04-19 17:11:27
Fukushima Prefecture - Koori


AND's Suzune-kun, Vivid's Reno-guitar & Ryouga-guitar, Jinta1

Yeah, yeah.

See you later.


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And now the one year posts of all the ViViD members are complete \o/

2010-04-19 09:20:53
First anniversary

Up until now we've been officially active for one whole year!

Saying that is still surprising!

The setlist one year ago
3てててTakeoff // Ta-ta-ta-takeoff
4J-ギルド // J-girudo // J-guild
It was that!

RENOTHIGHS and king are looking and feeling good
I'm going to sleep wearing an eyemask(=゜-゜)(=。_。)

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2010-04-17 16:24:25

From Reno and Ryouga, a lovely video arrived (laugh)2

Next time I wonder if I'll sleep with them (laugh)3

Today after waiting for a long time, I went to a musical instrument shop.

I will only use it as a makeshift!4


Niigata, please take care of us, okay!

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