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2010-07-20 09:09:13
Sarouel are the best1

With Ryouga.

I'm talking with Ryouga now, so aphorisms came out.

"Your life is my life."

The members share a common destiny ((lit: are in the same boat))

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Because I depend on other people to point out ridiculously long posts that may or may not be interesting and I'm all Byou'd out for today. When we both stop making sense, it's time to switch Jrockers. x_X

Please enjoy Reno's freaking essay. WHO WRITES THIS MUCH AT SEVEN IN THE MORNING.

2010-07-20 07:11:22


Yesterday, good job, Yokohama! It was fun!

After today, it feels like a full-blown tour

Everyone from Sendai is hot ((passionate)) and good.
Because I'm looking forward to it

I mean, I'm changing the subject, but with Yuugiri-san, I was near a disorderly house
for about 5 minutes (laugh)

Yesterday we talked about going drinking after the tour finishes.

Before that, on the ferry ((from island to island in Japan)), we should drink together if we can.

This time's tour it seems like I've been able to make many friends! All of the artist-sans I'm becoming friends with are nothing but good-humored, kind people.

All of the staff-san also are nothing but good people.

From the bottom of my heart, the truth is that I think I've become blessed
I'm grateful.

The conversation has strayed off-topic, but the other day, while on stage, I had an argument with Ryouga.

But, thank you, and I'm sorry. And let's immediately reconcile.

I'm able to say thank you and
I'm sorry. I think saying those words is surely difficult to say for everyone.

But undoubtedly the most important words

being brave and unintentionally becoming completely stubborn and it's awkward and embarrassing, but

when you're able to say I'm sorry perfectly from the bottom of your heart

your companions will also understand. ((lit: companions will give you understanding, i.e., understand your POV and forgive you))

They are lovely words.

Therefore, during the live, among other things, all of you
bumping into each other, and burdening each other with troubles, and other things,
not noticing it myself, put an end to annoying each other; if you are careful with the surrounding people,

honestly, from the bottom of your heart, let's try saying "I'm sorry."

With being careful and heeding advice, there might be biting words, but, there, with the feelings of an adult, patience, patience.

Therefore, if you resist, you're only being angry at someone who would normally be angry with you. It's unsophisticated.

I think I'm saying it many times over, but, let's protect manners properly. For sure, protect manners.
Because after injuring ((someone)), well, it's too late.

If you don't know manners, read the atmosphere.

...even so, if you don't understand, that's deplorable. You're KY (laugh)

Weellll, the conversation derailed, but

the point is

thank you


I'm sorry

Saying that is called being honest.

Thank you for reading until here.

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2010-06-02 02:18:12
Feeling bad, among other things, I'm noーt!?

With saying that thing ((the title)), right now I'm alone as a greatly admired drunkard, but

I experienced a sense of isolation and loneliness
I called Ryouga.

It seems that guy was sleeping.

Close friends are lovely!

Calling at a time like this, thank you, Ryouga.
Taーke caーreー iーn thーe baーthー

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2010-05-25 09:50:43


Matching with Ryouga!

Even the size is identical( ̄∀ ̄)

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2010-05-15 16:01:39
With Ryouga

We secretly went shopping o(^-^)o


Because Ryouga is able to talk with the mood of our home town, we really get along!

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2010-05-06 00:43:16

Now an OL-ish type person I passed ((said)) to a second person-san1

"That person's spine is beyond straight, isn't it (laugh)"


was heard ((by me)), but (laugh)

I mean, it's normal!

Ah, Ryouga is super hunch-backed (laugh)

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2010-04-28 13:40:41


After this morning, I'm doing a SHOXX personal photoshoot with Ryouga.

The edition goes on sale May 21, so look forward to it

So for this time, it's Japanese clothes.

Courtesan-ish...? (laugh)

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2010-04-22 01:55:15

I having trouble falling asleeーp

Next to me, Reno is completely fast asleep and...(laugh)

How can I sleep? Please teach me (laugh)

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2010-04-21 03:13:15
darwin, Sendai, Aoba-ku


Drinking black oolong tea and Healthya because of the members influence, it's Jin.

Everyone who came to the Sendai live, thank you very much.

The live had a good response and the time of climax was awesome.

While carelessly beating time during the SE ((sound effect)), you even said "Oーi" to the timing of my drums. Laugh

Sendai, we'll come again! A live and in-store. I'm looking forward to it. Because we'll have fun!

Tomorrow is Sapporo's KRAPS HALL.

Among being sold out, I wonder what kind of last live area this will be come. Anticipation.

Anticipation. Anticipation.

Today I ate Gindaco and ramen.

With things like this, I want to do a live everyday, and.

When I see everyone's smiling faces and violent actions ((in the audience)), I'm really happy.

As for the rest, more and more, we'll do nothing but try our best!

See you later.


The picture is ikemen Ryouga.

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Lol, Jin, let's get more creative than place names. You're going to run out of kanji soon to add onto this. Wait, better idea, STOP SPAMMING. Break his cell phone

2010-04-19 17:11:27
Fukushima Prefecture - Koori


AND's Suzune-kun, Vivid's Reno-guitar & Ryouga-guitar, Jinta1

Yeah, yeah.

See you later.


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2010-04-17 16:24:25

From Reno and Ryouga, a lovely video arrived (laugh)2

Next time I wonder if I'll sleep with them (laugh)3

Today after waiting for a long time, I went to a musical instrument shop.

I will only use it as a makeshift!4


Niigata, please take care of us, okay!

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2010-04-13 14:48:56
Nice job

Kagoshima, I did various things I regret.

When it doesn't go smoothly, it's hopeless.

I'm sorry, I'll go and meet you again.

((My)) bandana seems to have disappeared.

Increase the red fists.

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2010-02-21 23:35:06
Good job at the two man live

All the people who came to AREA today, thank you very much!1

Recently I completed works, sometimes many, so I was able to feel really refreshed!2
I've grown more accustomed to being on stage with Rui compared to last time, and I was able to have peace of mind.3

Then the session with ViViD.
I was with Shin, Ryouga, IV, and Jin.
Playing other people's music made me incredibly nervous, but I truly had fun.

All the ViViD members are arresting on stage, and are as happy as can be.
They're all great guys.
IV-chan is individualistic, but way too cute, and he has Ivvu'd IV。4
If I also change my name to Manavu, I'm sorry.5

I want to try Kashimoto Manavu.
Do you know the person who is Kashimoto Manavu?

Today at AREA I had the feeling of being able to see many good faces.6

Let's meet again.
Well then.

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2010-02-21 01:58:30
With ViViD


Finally, the knowledge that I've returned home.

Lately the days have been monstrously long.
Today also has this feeling.

My flash memory has most likely broken at last.
For a long time I went and kept using 2GB. Could this be my chance to increase my capacity?0

Even with those things on my mind, today I received energy from Shin-kun and Ryouga-kun.2
Then, I realized without thinking that tomorrow will probably be our first appearance with ViViD.
All of you ViViD fans, please take care of me.

My body parts and brain put on the highest performance when my sleeping time is 6 P.M. and the temperature of the room is around 18°C, the humidity is 60%, and the atmospheric pressure is around 1015hPa.

Tomorrow let's be ready to sleep at 6 P.M.

Good night.

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