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Another sticky. Because someone asked so now I feel like I should put something up.

• I completely don't mind if my translations are translated into another language. I just want to know who is doing it and where you're posting. Credit would be nice but if my translation fails then I don't need it, ahahaha >.>;

• Please don't ever hotlink the photos. Upload them to your own account. If all my bandwidth dies, nobody will be able to see them, and I will be a sadface crankypants. ;(

• All translations are backdated to appear at the actual date/time they were posted except for first-time translations (i.e., I'm translating so-and-so for the first time, I won't back-date him so anyone who cares knows that I've started--I will also put up a notice on Twitter). I would strongly suggest following/subscribing to tags (click the pin button at the top of any entry with a tag you want to follow). I do old entries (old being, like, yesterday, depending on how spammy mcspamspam they are, haha, but no, really, I do a lot of random posts from before-this-month ^^;) quite frequently. But, yeah. I've done as much as 20 entries a day or more, so, things get lost and stuff.

• For all you icon-makers and graphic-y people out there, I would totally be willing to do a trade, translations for graphics. Particularly icons of the guys/bands I translate (especially icons of the full band so I can use it for all 5 guys if I do them). I only have 6 icons spaces on LJ, but I have way more than that on DW. DW basic account >>>>>> LJ basic account.
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Since there continue to be tsunami warnings and more earthquakes and violent aftershocks, I know that there's the giant list of awesome but everyone likes to know if it's super duper up-to-date, and how they know, yes? Or maybe that's just me.


Vistlip: Rui confirms that all members appear to be safe. (Nau, 8AM EST)

DaizyStripper: Rei arrived home safely (Nau, 5PM EST). Yuugiri arrived home safely (Nau, 3PM EST).

D=OUT: Reika is safe (Nau, 11AM EST)

BORN: Ryouga is addicted to re-tweeting everyone under the bloody sun. He's almost as bad as

Miyavi: spammy mcspamspam at its finest.

And now it's time for me to go to bed. Working while obsessing over Twitter and Nau and being on 2 hours of sleep = time to crash!

I'll tackle some earthquake posts tomorrow. If anyone has any specific requests (namely of bands I don't usually translate--so, the non-vistlip/SCREW/D=OUT bands), ping me.

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I thought about putting this in the [profile] screw_blogs site, but then I felt weird because it's not a real translation of anything, it's just spotty translation + summary. Anyhoo. Spread the word or something.

As you may or may not know, there was yet another earthquake a couple of hours ago, and there are more tsunami warnings. DON'T PANIC. EVERYONE IS FINE. FOR NOW.

I'm just going to briefly spot-translate/summarize Twitters and Naus for the boys:

Rui on Nau (14 hours ago/3:45 AM EST aka after the first earthquake): I'm confirming that all of the SCREW members, managers and staff are safe.

Rui says on Twitter (4 hours ago/1:45 pm EST aka after the tsunami): I wonder if the members have returned home? I wonder if they're okay? The email connection is bad but I'm worried.

Two hours ago (3:45 PM EST) Rui says on Nau in English: All of foreign countryI safely Please do not worry.

♥ I love Engrish. ♥

Kazuki said (post-first earthquake) on Nau that he is calm, thanks for worrying.

Manabu has confirmed that he and where he lives and his home area are safe (also post-first earthquake, so that might have changed in the wake of the tsunamis).

Meanwhile, Byou and Rui are currently (like, right now) on Twitter, Rui is also on Nau and says that everyone should rest their bodies (hello, go to sleep like the rest of your band), and Jin also hasn't updated Nau or Twitter since 15 hours ago after the first earthquake to say (on Nau) that he was safe, and he'd received an email (text) from Byou saying that Byou was safe.

Anyway. So ends your brief update. Everyone appears to be alive and asleep. Except Manabu and Rui, who I don't think has slept at all since the first earthquake.

Shall translate earthquake blog posts tomorrow, after I sleep.

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So, all of BORN (BORN? did they change it to all caps when I wasn't looking?) have now opened up Twitters, and I've been meaning to translate SOMETHING with them in forever, and hey, now they're chatting up SCREW, SO THERE IS MY EXCUSE (thank you, Byou). Let's see if I remember all my OCD coding . . .

Oh, also, if there are conversations/threads, I grouped them together for coherence sake. They're still in rough chronological order, top to bottom.

Oh, and one last FYI: Ozaki Tomomi is the president of PSC. Augh, I wish I owned my own company that not only made lots of money, but was also filled with gorgeous men. What the hell. Clearly I need to move in the other direction to Japan so I can also live a life worthy of its own manga.

Ryouga's twitter = @_BORN_Ryouga, last FYI.

Ryouga BORN ONEMAN LIVE「Agitate to the DOGMANISM」 03/13 Shinjuku LOFT OPEN 17:30/START 18:00 Tickets now on sale. Info:DISK GARAGE TEL03-5436-9600
21 Feb via web

Ryouga Twitter is scary, oh (>_<) everyone, please treat me gently
1 Mar via Keitai Web

Shiina Mio @Ryouga I followed ya (゜_゜)
1 Mar via web

Ryouga @Shiina Mio Mio-nyan, please take care of me and yay ((banzai = long life and prosperity)) for Unite! ((Mio's new band w/ Haku and Yukimi--all 3 are ex-Canzel))
1 Mar via Keitai Web

Ryouga @Byou Always being indebted to Byou-kun, it's Ryouga. I started a Twitter. I took the privilege of following you. Please treat me kindly.
1 Mar via Keitai Web

Byou @Ryouga Take care of meー. Shall ((I?)) give ((you?)) both ((unknown objects)) that ((I?)) brought into the office?1 (laugh) RT @Ryouga @Byou Always being indebted to Byou-kun, it's Ryouga. I started a Twitter. I took the privilege of following you. Please treat me kindly.
1 Mar via

Ryouga @Byou What, seriously....... Well, it's bad, totally spoiling me that way.... Saying it's evil, and it's bad....uhhh, weeelll, if it's my adi○s, there's an exchange.....(..)2 I'll mail you laーter (laugh)
2 Mar via Keitai Web

Ryouga @Byou Byou-kun, thank you very much for the clothes! Are these not Adidas? (?_?)
Mar via Keitai Web

Byou (-。-)y-゚゚゚RT @Ryouga Byou-kun, thank you very much for the clothes! Are these not Adidas? (?_?)
3 Mar via

Ryouga @Byou…(~_~;)(~_~;)
3 Mar via Keitai Web

Ozaki Tomomi I also took the privilege of following you back (*^▽^)/★*☆♪ RT @Tomo [Born] It's Tomo from BORN! I started a Twitter! Please treat me kindly!
2 Mar via

Ryouga @Ozaki Tomomi It's Ryouga from BORN. At this time, I've started a Twitter, so I took the privilege of following you!
2 Mar via Keitai Web

Ozaki Tomomi Yes yes (laugh) I also took the privilege of following you back (laugh) (*^ー^)ノ♪ ((she got swamped by all of BORN at once, and Ryouga was last, hence the laughter))
2 Mar via

Einstein sayings translated into Japanese I love traveling but I hate to arrive.
1 Mar via アインシュタイン

Ryouga @Einstein Hmmhmm ((I see, I see))
2 Mar via Keitai Web

1 No clue what was brought--Byou just says "both people/parties/sides/things." And I'm not clear on who brought it, but based on Byou and Ryouga's responses, I'M GUESSING that Byou is spoiling Ryouga by bringing him prezzies of the wearable variety. Clearly it is some sort of inside joke and inquiring minds want to know what Byou is commandeering, okay. SECRETS, SECRETS ARE NO FUN, COS TRANSLATORS GO CRAZY BEFORE THEY'RE DONE. Or something. >.>;

2 Okay, now that it's become an embarrassing question, I want to know twice as much. The best coherent statement I can get is that when Ryouga says his goodbyes ((to girls???? other musicians??? senpai????)), he exchanges/switches something ((numbers/email addresses????)). At any rate, the only real conclusion that can be drawn is that Ryouga needs to just tell us because speculation gets me nowhere and I hate secrets, they get in the way of my translating properly. >.>; Yeah, that. <.<; AHA. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS LATER. IT'S NOT ADIOS. IT'S ADIDAS. THAT STUPID OPEN CIRCLE WAS CENSORING THE BRAND NAME. DAMN IT RYOUGA. THEY'RE EXCHANGING CLOTHES. (-.-;;;) I was all excited for nothing. -______-;
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Today (actually, yesterday, because two of these posts was enough in one day for me x__X) marks the One Year Anniversary of this translation journal--well, of the LJ version of it. I don't actually remember if I started translating the day I created it or if I wibbled and waited to actually do anything, since I usually end up back- or forward-dating everything. XD;

Anyway, to celebrate the end of my one week off from work (sobs, NOT ENOUGH TIME, MORE SLEEP IS STILL REQUIRED), and to celebrate the anniversary, I thought maybe it would be super awesome if I (finally, JFC) finished one of my ginormous projects.

Also Known As Kouki's Ridiculously Long and Occasionally Redundant Q&A That Had Me Near Tears Because I Don't Really Know Japanese. Let me tell you, it is really not fun coming back from 5 months of not even thinking about Japanese and doing his run-on sentences.

There are literally well over 200 questions, and they took me days and weeks and hours of my life I will never ever ever get back SOBS, so please leave a comment if you read them. ♥~

LJ: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 (end)

DW: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 (end)

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2011-02-16 00:00:55
To everyone

It's been a while since I updated.

It was a really big incident. Honestly, inside myself there are things I'm not yet able to sort out.

Before my eyes there are realities I'm able to see. In general, saying, "What," I'm able to understand that.

Since then, I received many messages.

There things I want to say and write are beyond numerous. But as expected, I don't know what I should write. I can't skillfully word anything.

After this, little by little, I'm writing what I think should be conveyed.

Being able to say just one thing.

You, waiting. I'm grateful.

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2011-02-16 00:26:36

To all of the people of a six-month-future, from us who jumped the space-time continuum,1a


it's the vocalist of the band called vistlip,

I wonder if the half-year was long for everyone

or if it was short

I grew a year older

for me, it was a time to reaffirm the band's size

and then for making an important person part of me

it's okay even if they're broken fragments

I'm an unclean vessel, but I want them to dwell in me

Because this voice is a voice you loved without fail

I want to show you the scenery I see without completely leaving it behind

Being able to reply and even being able to come as far as this point ((it's thanks to:)),

the family members2

all of the staff,

my family,

my friends,

the ((band)) members,

the fans who never stopped supporting us,

because your hands were at my back,

because many sorrowful tears were shed,

after this I'll be full of smiles

I'll make ((the world?/you)) full of smiling faces so that I'll shed tears of happiness

After today, I'll return to being Tomo

It's deplorable that during the last half-year we weren't able to meet fans who thought we would be able to meet

For example, people who were students are now working adults

There were various reasons for this ((absence)), but I think it's disappointing

I want to go and return the minutes of sadness that we gave with twice the songs and smiling faces

Next time for sure, while we're comrades next to each other at the same time

That is a picture of our smiles, so white and sublimely proud that they can't be polluted, and we'll make trails of happy tears that glitter

You follow in my shadow

and I follow in yours

If we turn over the next page, just like in those days, we'll come together and blame each other, and break down crying in grief

Like the seasons that repeat, we're going to do it over again

I wonder if there's really a meaning ((to this))


Having a meaning isn't the point

Rather, what kind of things there will be

If two people aren't always comrades standing next to each other

If that's not the principle

I'll go draw our moments in that picture book

Because even now, I'm slovenly3

and therefore, I'm totally late

I wonder if you're waiting

even if rain and wind rust your bodies together

however bravely

I wonder if you're waiting for my return

At the promised meeting place from before, mouthing the words I want to mouth directly and continuously, now in my mind I think I'll whisper them

-I'm home-

-I'm sorry-

-Thank you-

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Wed, February 16, 2011 00:00:06
I'm home

I'm home.

I'm sorry for making you wait for such a long time.

The family members, all the fans

and all the staff, and my family, and my friends,

I caused an enormous amount of trouble for many people.

I'm full of the feeling that it's inexcusable, and I'm truly sorry.

Even so, the band called vistlip,

many people continue to wait ((for us)),

and thanks to many people watching over and supporting us,

we're able to meet everyone once more.

Carefully putting away the thoughts of she who has no substitute in my chest,

together with important colleagues who have no substitute,

to the houses of everyone who has no substitute,

once more we'll go and deliver the music that is only us.

As for vistlip's Tohya walking out

after this long journey,

I want to go walking together.

Thank you for waiting.

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2011-02-16 00:00:00
I'm home

I thought, "I'm home," would be what I said immediately to everyone I meet, but . . .

I'm home

Even besides wanting to say that directly, next I'll say to everyone, there will be a time when we'll be able to meet

I totally kept everyone waiting a long time, huh

After this, because of everyone, let's go make the most important memories of a lifetime with vistlip

There are many things I want to say, many things I want to write, but they don't seem to be collected, so now, in this area

Thank you for waiting

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2011-02-16 00:00:33
To everyone important1

It was a long interval, I'm sorry for having kept you waiting.
Thank you truly, then for waiting.

We're most sympathetic, having lost an important colleague whom we relied on.

Even now, I won't forget the time we were introduced to her, our manager.

After this, I believe our manager is watching over us.
Sometimes when I go to meet her2, it seems like she's worrying about us with an "Are you okay?" feeling.

I . . .
while continuously thinking of her circumstances, I want to keep going on with vistlip.

Therefore, I think I want to return ((recover)) to the vistlip she loved.

I'm exhausted and a little miserable, but is it okay if the reckless, devilish vistlip returns? Will you support us again?

I will never forget her.
But, getting everyone who supported us before to rise up, I don't want you to show sad faces.

I'm turning back to my original self, so I think I want smiling faces and voices from everyone.

Thank you so much for the many, many messages while you were waiting.
I was always encouraged.
Because of everyone's support, I think I'll be able to begin walking forward again.

For the minutes I made everyone wait, I'll recover with all my might.
Even before it was said,

she gave vistlip the dream of trying to be.
That is the current vistlip's dream.

If we can aim at that dream together, I'm happy.

vistlip Rui

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2011-02-09 00:27:01

Good job! It was a fun event! It became an enjoyable Summer Zepp tour.
Everyone had the best smiling faces!!

But, personally, I don't agree at all.

The live was fun.
I was able to smile with everyone, so that was fun!!


I thought, our band needs to totally skill up ((get better)).

Doing the musical performance, I got so irritated.

What the hell. This kinda guy? I thought.

I'm not like thaaat.

Because I'm not yeeet that kinda guy.

Aーh, it's mortifying.

I want to become a more skilled band.
We don't just captivate people1, I want a perfectly done performance that comes together like a hand fits in a glove.

The members are still beyond skilled.2
This kinda thing didn't come through ((in the performance)).

We gotta practice more and more.

I'll go play guitar.

Aーh, irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2011-02-08 18:27:34
Arena 37°C


At last the ViViD volume is on sale tomorrow!

It's this kind of feeling!!

Everyone, because it's one copy wholly of ViViD1, absolutely look at it!!

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February 06, 2011

Because SCREW is adorning the front cover without fail.

The ugly guy in the center is me (laugh)

((Look)) Fully with that eye1

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I live! \o/ Sort of.

I'd like to give a giant apology for being gone for so long. The long story short is that real life chewed me up and spat me out and the latter half of 2010 was really tough on me in all ways ending with -ally. The good news is that I'm finally sort of acclimated to my new city/state/job and I seem to have discovered that long lost thing called motivation. It was very, very, very long lost, okay.

The bad news is that my workplace has the WORST INTERNET FILTER EVER from my perspective, which means I'm blocked from viewing Ameblo and all its shininess at work (consider that, this summer, I was doing fully half of my translating at my old job, although, that amount's just not possible with this job, even if I did have access to the blogs).

At any rate, I shall be translating again--probably nowhere near at the amount I was before until my week-long vacation at the end of February in which I shall attempt to commandeer my mother's desktop in order to translate. :DV BUT SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTING, AMIRITE?

Although it severely bothers my OCD to no end, I'm going to start with the most recent entries of everything first, because instant gratification is better. Or something. And then I'll work backwards.

Obviously, Byou and Manabu get top priority, followed by Shou Twitters. And Shou blogs, since I seem to remember signing on for that somewhere at some point though I should see if I've been replaced or not for that. And if anyone wants to respond and tell me who on LJ/DW is currently translating whose twitters/blogs (i.e., if someone took over Shou, thus freeing up so much time that I will look like this: *________*), you would be Epic. With a capital E. And maybe even some excessive consonants and silent vowels. Epaeice. Yes.

- Blue.

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February 04, 2011
Today at 18:00

Without fail, look at it on your PC.

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2011-02-03 05:21:05
Aki-san's birthday

After recording
with Team ViViD ((I went)) to Aki-san's birthday venue

With influential artist-sans and other people connected to the entertainment industry
I was amazed at Aki-san's well-connected-ness and popularity

"I've seen ((you/him/her)) on television"
I totally said something like that (laugh)

As expected!

During that ((celebration))

You're a muscular kid!
After that was said
in front of senpai I just met for the first time, for some reason, I was Abs Showtime IV-san (laugh)

And I did a bingo game
(I shrewdly got a gift)

I was able to have a terribly fun time
I took a breather and now i'll be able to do my best at today's recording


Afterwards, right,
I got Aki-san to say I'm like a younger brother to him, so I was truly happy
I also think he's like an older brother

I'm doing this a number of times, but
Happy Birthday!

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February 02, 2011
『DEEP SIX』PV Filming

We're doing it.

We finished filming a scene so I'm showering and eating a bento and taking a break.

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February 02, 2011


03/27 (Sun) Osaka MUSE
few tickets left
OPEN 17:00/START 17:30

04/03 (Sun) Nagoya ell. FITS ALL
Thank you SOLDOUT
OPEN 17:00/START 17:30

04/05 (Tu) Fukuoka DRUM SON
few tickets left
OPEN 18:00/START 18:30

04/07 (Thu) Kanazawa vanvan V4
few tickets left
OPEN 18:00/START 18:30

04/10 (Sun) Sendai HooK
Thank you SOLDOUT
OPEN 17:00/START 17:30

04/16 (Sat) Sapporo COLONY
OPEN 17:30/START 18:00

04/17 (Sun) Sapporo COLONY
OPEN 17:00/START 17:30

04/23 Shibuya O-EAST
OPEN 17:15/START 18:00

★Osaka~Sapporo performances
in advance ¥3,800/day of ¥4,300(tax included) DRINK extra1

★Shibuya O-EAST公演のみ
in advance ¥4,200/day of ¥4,725(tax included) DRINK extra

■General sales
01/29(Sat) on sale country-wide

【Inquiries to the coordinator】
Backstage Project 03-5786-2400

After devoting time to 『DEEP SIX』and going far off for lives, it was a very happy report that some venues are already SOLD ((out)) or have few tickets remaining and stuff.

For the girls who obtained tickets, thank you.

Take out enough for traveling expenses ((and get your tickets now)), because there are few ((tickets)) remaining (laugh)

J&N )
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January 31, 2011
It's been 11 days

I have no choice but to smile.

It's day after day of『DEEP SIX』.

Without noticing, it's become the last day of January.

At any rate, I have no time, you knoーw.

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